Welcome to the Changing Places Group

Changing Places Group is an international People and Culture Advisory firm helping organisations and their people to thrive. 


We work with progressive organisations, their boards, executives and leaders to;

  • develop and retain talent;
  • embed an inclusive leadership culture;
  • advance career potential and wellbeing of its people;
  • design leading HR practices that support growth & culture objectives;
  • achieve gender equality.


 Our aim is to help your organisation be a leading
employer of choice – one that is inclusive, gender equal,
family-friendly and invests in the wellbeing of its people

Our History

Established over 15 years ago as one of Australia’s first independent HR consulting and advisory network of leadership development, HR and coaching expert, we now deliver solutions globally.

Our Core Expertise

  • Outsourced HR, D&I solutions and strategic people advisory services
  • Employer of choice workplace policy design
  • Talent development programs for emerging leaders
  • Career acceleration programs for women
  • Employee balance & wellbeing solutions
  • Executive coaching, training and facilitation practice
  • Gender diversity programs including unconscious bias
  • Return to work, working family and carer programs

5000+ Leadership Development

5000+ Leadership Development

We have supported 5000+ aspiring leaders through career acceleration and leadership development programs.

50/50 Gender Equality

50/50 Gender Equality

We support progressive employers to achieve gender equality targets through developing and supporting high potential talent.

97% Wellbeing

97% Wellbeing

97% of our coaching participants have reported a significant improvement in satisfaction with work life alignment.

94% Retention

94% Retention

Targeted family friendly strategies have resulted in high retention levels (94%), high loyalty levels and reduced absenteeism. 


Consulting with CEOs, Boards, Executive Leaders and business owners, we work with all shape and size organisations with a focus on people development - from start-up organisations needing to establish HR practices, through to large banks and tech companies running ‘future of leadership programs'.

Our extensive network of consultants provides access to a wide range of professionals globally. We offer practical services and custom solutions. So whether you need HR related support for an immediate short term project, or you seek a longer term talent or organisational development solution, we add value through bringing our experience and expertise to extend your People & Culture capability.

Why Work with us

CPG services help organisations - and their people - to thrive.

What does a thriving organisation – and its people – look like when we work with them? They are ahead of the game in making gender equality, talent attraction and inclusive workplace cultures a priority (not to mention, a success!) What we find time and again is that when companies elevate the value of their people, the business always prospers.

At CPG we support organisations to make progressive changes to create workplaces of the future, for a prosperous today. We do this by focusing on policy and program development solutions that:

  • Create a family friendly workplace culture by supporting working parents return to work, train managers and embed flexibility
  • Provide a leading best practice approach to developing and retaining talent through leadership development programs
  • Provide Boards and CEO’s with insights and best practice policy approach on their people engagement strategy

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