Parents At Work leads the Changing Places Group Working Families arm, offering a range of solutions for organisations to choose from that essentially help their employees to thrive at both work and home.

The benefits to implementing working family solutions are extensive. Retaining talented employees, reducing discrimination, increasing women in leadership, improving mental and physical wellbeing of employees are to name but a few.  The business benefits to promoting shared care for example (as featured in this Parents At Work Whitepaper) provides a number of statistics to support the case for why companies are investing more than ever into working family solutions for their workforce.



Return to Work Program

Changing Places Group provide return-to-work-ship programs for organisations looking to enhance the employment opportunities of women and men who are looking to ‘break back into the workforce’. This provides the support needed to return to work after a career break for parents and carers that have put their career on hold to care for family, health or other personal reasons.

Programs include coaching, mentoring, and group workshops designed to provide an internship-type experience to fast track candidates looking to re-engage with work.

Online Learning Platform

The Online Learning Platform is the home for our courses, resources, videos, podcasts, people's stories, checklists and toolkits to guide anyone through the juggle of life as a working parent or carer. We provide the information needed to figure out what is best for self and family, while ensuring employees know how to achieve career goals.

There are also courses with guidance for Managers with team members going on and returning from parental leave.
Responsive on all devices, this platform contains all that is needed to prepare for parental leave, stay in touch whilst on leave, have a successful return to work and stay engaged and motivated at work while caring for yourself and your family’s wellbeing.

 Our aim is to help your organisation be a leading
employer of choice – one that is inclusive, gender equal,
family-friendly and invests in the wellbeing of its people

THRIVE Masterclass


The THRIVE Masterclass helps employees to reflect, review and reinvest in what’s important to them. This enables them to connect their personal and professional life in a way that works for them, their work team and their family.

Expert work life balance coaches – as well as other working parents – support them to:

  • Refocus their priorities – personally and professionally
  • Unlock ideas for improving how they juggle everyday job demands and family life
  • Create an integrated and sustainable career and family wellbeing plan

We currently run the THRIVE Masterclasses around Australia and internationally.

If your organisation would like to host a THRIVE Masterclass internally for your team or workplace, we deliver in-house THRIVE sessions. Please contact us on and we will tailor it accordingly.

Thank you to the following workplaces for regularly hosting our THRIVE Masterclass: CBA, Westpac, Lendlease, KPMG, Deloitte, AGL, Baker McKenzie, Page Group, Norton Rose Fulbright.

Working Dads Connect Program


Working Dads Connect is a program run by Parents At Work, just for dads. We link dads to educational webinars, career coaches and other vital support services to help them manage all aspects of their Career, Fatherhood and Wellbeing.

What is it like being a man with a career and a family in today’s society? The experience is certainly like no other time in history. Men are under more pressure than ever to be ‘the everything’ at work and at home. That's why we created working dads connect.  Dads can get support with their transition to fatherhood,  be inspired to take parental leave and learn how and connect to a community of real dads addressing the challenges unique to being a father.

Providing your fathers with access to the Working Dads Connect courses, coaching and events your company:

  • Enables and encourages men to take parental leave and engage in flexible work
  • Improves work and family balance outcomes for dads
  • Provides a forum for working dads to connect in your workplace

Ask about a customised working dads connect program for your workplace.

For a free consultation or to enquire more please email